“The Case for Christ” opens in time for Easter

“The Case for Christ” is based on Lee Strobel’s book on his quest to disprove Christianity. Lee and his wife were both atheists until an incident with their daughter led Leslie to explore Christianity. As her faith in Jesus grows stronger and she begins to regularly attend church, Lee is certain that his wife is being drawn into a cult and her new beliefs are putting a heavy strain on their marriage. Lee is determined to save his wife and uses the tools of his trade to build his case. As an award-winning investigative journalist at the Chicago Tribune, his quest is to prove through careful research and interviews with top experts in medicine, religion, investigation, history that the Biblical story of Jesus is a myth. The two years Lee devoted to research did not turn out as expected as the evidence he compiled led to his own beliefs turning from skeptic to his own acceptance of Christ.

The gist of the best-selling book unfolds well, and the character development of the family and other prominent characters brings the story to life. Another story that Strobel was working on for the paper runs parallel throughout the movie in harmony with what he is encountering to make this a fully balanced film that is appealing to a wide audience. The film stars Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, and Robert Forster. It is directed by Jon Gunn and the screenplay was written by Brian Bird. “The Case for Christ” was released by Pure Flix Entertainment on April 7, 2017.
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