The Art of Special Effects Makeup: An Interactive Workshop coming to Nashville on March 5

The workshop is presented by Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television (NECAT) and TPAC InsideOut, the arts center’s enrichment series for adults.

On March 5, 2016, InsideOut and NECAT Artnership present a unique opportunity to see special effects artists work their magic in The Art of Special Effects Makeup. This interactive workshop with makeup artists from film, television and the Season Six winner of the SyFy channel show Face Off will take place in the TPAC James K. Polk Theater from 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

Renowned special effects makeup artists Rick Prince (Hasbro’s Transformers Universe, Disney, Universal Studios, and writer/director for Lwa: All Saints’ Eve) and Roy Wooley (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2, and Fabricator/Special Effects Makeup mastermind for Georgia’s Netherworld Haunted House) from the SyFy channel show Face Off, join forces with Emmy-award-winning makeup artist Ben Rittenhouse (Kill Bill, The Hulk, Men in Black) in a high-energy, interactive workshop creating and transforming characters using facial prosthetics, body prosthetics, and special effects makeup.

Santiago Rashaad, Season Six Winner of SyFy’s Face Off

Santiago Rashaad, Season Six Winner of SyFy’s Face Off

Prince, Wooley, and Rittenhouse will work simultaneously on a variety of the city’s top performers and dancers from the Nashville Ballet demonstrating techniques and tips from basic to advanced and answering audience questions about the process. The goals of the day are to inform, entertain, and inspire TPAC patrons, performing arts company leadership and followers, actors, dancers, costumers, filmmakers, directors, people considering behind-the-scenes careers, and anyone who ever wondered How do they do that?

What’s the difference in makeup and techniques for TV, film, a small-house theater, and a venue like the Polk? Enormous. Come witness the ramp-up, receive the instruction, and learn what you could do yourself with some basic materials.

Photo opportunities following the workshop with artists and models.

This special event is appropriate for all ages.

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Proceeds for the workshop will benefit NECAT (Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television) to support their education and community endeavors.