Tessa Afshar weaves a beautiful story in Harvest of Gold

The second book in Tessa Afshar's Harvest Series

The second book in Tessa Afshar’s Harvest Series

Harvest of Gold (Book 2 in the Harvest Series)
Tessa Afshar
River North

Writing historical fiction can be a challenge for authors. They have to use historically accurate settings, costumes and customs and create believable characters and a compelling storyline for modern readers. The challenge increases when the book is a biblical fiction. Whereas readers might forgive anachronisms in a historical fiction, fans of biblical fiction tend to be more protective of the stories, characters, messages and themes from Scripture.

In Harvest of Gold, the sequel to Harvest of Rubies, author Tessa Afshar combines all these elements to weave a beautiful biblical novel.

Sneak Peak:

In Harvest of Gold the scribe Sarah married Darius, and at times she feels as if she has married the Persian aristocracy, too. There is another point she did not count on in her marriage-Sarah has grown to love her husband. Sarah has wealth, property, honor, and power, but her husband’s love still seems unattainable.

Although his mother was an Israelite, Darius remains skeptical that his Jewish wife is the right choice for him, particularly when she conspires with her cousin Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Ordered to assist in the effort, the couple begins a journey to the homeland of his mother’s people. Will the road filled with danger, conflict, and surprising memories, help Darius to see the hand of God at work in his life-and even in his marriage?

A hidden message, treachery, opposition, and a God-given success, will lead to an unlikely bounty.

Born in Iran (modern-day Persia) Tessa Afshar has a unique insight into the history and culture of that land. She dresses her book with colorful details that brings that historic period to life. Her characters are fully fleshed, with both strengths and flaws. Readers will find themselves rooting for Sarah and Darius, while bemoaning the poor choices that threaten to damage their marriage.

She brings the historical events – including the plot to assassinate King Artaxerses and the rebuilding of Jerusalem – to life, helping readers understand how those circumstances shaped the world of that time.

Tessa Afshar’s Harvest of Gold is a delightful novel.  If you have not read the first book in her Harvest Series, don’t worry. Afshar provides enough background information that you can read this book without feeling lost. However, don’t be surprised if, after finishing Harvest of Gold, you immediately order Harvest of Rubies.

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