T-Tapp Measurement Day Jun20


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T-Tapp Measurement Day

Additional Inches Lost

The importance of measuring

Today is the day of the week that I measure. This morning I had an additional 4.75 inches lost, bringing my total to 12 inches.

One thing I love about T-Tapp is that you don’t weigh yourself, which is wise for me. When I was younger, I weighed myself weekly and would stress whenever there were extra pounds, even though I was exercising and dieting. Then I learned that women’s weight fluctuates as their hormones fluctuate throughout the month. In addition to that, muscle weighs more than fat; so as I toned up, the scales reflected a weight gain rather than loss. At that point, I stopped weighing myself and focused on inches and how my clothes fit and looked.

Because T-Tapp is a whole body workout, it doesn’t focus just on bust, waist and hip measurements. Instead, Teresa Tapp encourages women to measure themselves in 14 different locations on the body. Looking in the mirror, you might not see a loss of ¼ inch on your waist, but seeing the difference on the tape measure encourages you to keep going.

Teresa’s book, Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes has a chart that you can copy for your own use, but I chose to create an Excel document.  I assign a column for the day’s measurements and list the 14 different measurement locations. The column next to that is for the differences in measurement from the previous week; I list these measurements in red. To show an inch loss, I enclose them in parentheses, because Excel will take a 3/4 inch loss (.75) and turn it into -.75. Then you select the whole column, click ‘auto-sum’ and it will give you the total loss for that day. I add this total to the previous totals for a total loss to date amount.

One piece of advice; if you use a document on your computer, save a copy – not the original – to a ‘cloud’ account, such as Gmail, DropBox or other sites outside of your computer and home, and don’t forget to update the copy. When I first started using T-Tapp, I saved my measurements to an external hard drive in our office. That sounded like a great idea; until a mistake erased all the data on that external drive.

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