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Snake in the Grass

In K.A. Stewart’s A Snake in the Grass, Jesse James Dawson once again proves he’s a true champion.

snakeinthegrassJesse’s known for getting into dangerous situations, but this time he’s outdone himself. He’s hosting two hundred seventy-five souls; the equivalent of a giant glowing target painted on his back. Every demon in hell wants the power of these souls, and even a seasoned demon-busting champion like Jesse needs a little help. He’s too busy to be turned into a smoldering husk: his wife’s got another baby on the way, his protégé’s ready to strike out on his own, and there’s this demon who’s actually helping him. Sometimes. When there’s something in it for the demon.

Jesse, his bodyguards, and his protégé head to Mexico to see if his protégé’s mother can extract the souls. In theory, it’s simple. In theory.

This book, the fourth in Stewart’s series (A Devil in the Details, A Shot in the Dark, A Wolf at the Door), has as much humor, excitement, action, and heartstring-tugging as the first three. Oh, and kickass battles. Lots of them. Snake stands alone—it’s not necessary to have read the first three books. But if this book is your introduction to Jesse, his family, the champions, and a certain charming demon, you’ll want to run to grab the rest.

A Snake in the Grass was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work. I read it cover to cover in one long, gripping session the same night. Yes, it’s that good.