Sewing Hope a powerful documentary about an inspiring woman Sep26


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Sewing Hope a powerful documentary about an inspiring woman

Sewing Hope poster“The past can never be recovered; but there’s a future. We can still walk in hope.” Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

For 25 years, Joseph Kony and his infamous Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) terrorized Northern Uganda. Children were stolen from their families and brainwashed to be soldiers in his army and young girls were degraded by serving as sex slaves for Kony and his officers. The acclaimed documentary, SEWING HOPE, now available on SnagFilms’ award-winning streaming video platform, is a powerful chronicle of Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, whose work reaches out to these young women with love, faith, forgiveness and hope.


Narrated by Forest Whitaker, SEWING HOPE showcases both the piety and the tenacity of Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe–named a CNN Hero and elected to the prestigious Time 100 in 2014—in teaching young women how to sew. Through her unyielding faith, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe created a safe haven at the Saint Monica Girl School in Gulu, Northern Uganda, where Kony’s rebels had a significant presence. Although the school teaches women how to sew, and make handbags with recyclable materials, Sister Rosemary also created a program that instilled a strong work ethic so these young women could move on with their lives. Most importantly, she teaches them to love themselves and their children, who are a constant reminder of their difficult past.

“Moving” “amazing” “hopeful” doesn’t even begin to describe SEWING HOPE. It’s gut-wrenching to listen to these young women tearfully recount the horrors of their past–kidnapped from their homes, watching their loved ones killed, forced to become soldiers and kill others and becoming sex slaves to their captors. Then to see the transformation that occurs after spending time with Sister Rosemary at sewing_hope1St. Monica’s. Through teaching them job skills that allows them to earn money, training them how to care for their children, and providing a listening ear when the horrors of their past pours out, Sister Rosemary gives these girls love, re-establishes their dignity, helps them to forget the past, live today and hope for tomorrow.

Directed by Derek Watson, SEWING HOPE has been featured at film festivals including Napa Valley Film Festival and Sarasota Film Festival. Watson also served as cinematographer. The film was produced by Jenny Monroe and Bill Horn, with Reggie and Rachel Whitten serving as executive producers.