Sacred, Southern, Soul May26


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Sacred, Southern, Soul

Jason Lee McKinney Band
Sacred, Southern, Soul

In 1874, a bartender by the name of Martin Wilkes Heron endured a constant stream of complaints from customers over the harsh bite of the whiskey he served. Heron eventually got tired of his patrons’ whining, and decided to experiment with the spirit by adding some of his favorite flavors – fruits and spices and such. The result was a concoction that was smoother, spicier and more comfortable than the common whiskies of the day. Sometimes referred to as the Grand Old Drink of the South, Heron’s creation is more readily know by its real name – Southern Comfort.

So, what does a history lesson in distilled spirits have to do with Sacred, Southern, Soul, the new triple EP from the Jason Lee McKinney Band? Perhaps nothing…or everything.

Like Heron, McKinney has a long history of serving up the staple of the industry to a crowd that is eager for the ‘spirit’ but finds the same ol’ same ol’ to be a little hard to swallow. And like Heron, McKinney has a knack for adding his favorite flavors and spices to his music, creating a sound that is smoother, richer, spicier, and dare I say it, more comfortable than what passes for radio-ready pop-country today. And just like the aforementioned distillery offers Southern Comfort in a variety of flavors to appeal to multiple palates, JLMB serves up three distinct musical collections specifically designed to cross-pollinate the aural sensibilities of gospel, traditional country and Memphis blues aficionados.

Whether your thing is Springsteen, the Eagles or Willie Nelson, chances are you’ll find plenty to like about Sacred, Southern, Soul. As a matter of fact, if you just like great music, there is plenty to like. Just throw this one into the player and hit, ‘shuffle.’ It’s smooth, spicy, and flavorful, with just the right touch of the spirit. Yeah…comfortable. That’s the word I was looking for.