Priceless now available on DVD and DVD/Blu-Ray Combo

“Priceless” tells the story of a widower (Joel Smallbone) who is traveling on a journey following a downward spiral that began with the death of his wife and has led to losing custody of his daughter (Sierra Rose Smith). After losing several jobs, his last resort is to agree to drive a truck across the country, in spite of his suspicion of their stipulation of “No Questions Asked.” When he accidentally discovers his cargo, James Stevens begins to question himself, his values, his faith…and how far he is willing to go to help others trapped in a web of deceit. Are innocent people worth fighting for—no matter the price?

“Priceless,” the first film from the Smallbone Brothers, stars Joel Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY), is directed by Ben Smallbone, and executive produced by David and Luke Smallbone. The film also stars Bianca Santos (THE DUFF), Amber Midthunder (“Longmire”) with Jim Parrack (SUICIDE SQUAD, “True Blood”) and David Koechner (ANCHORMAN, “The Goldbergs”). Other producers are Steve Barnett and Jacob “Cubbie” Fink. The script, by Chris Dowling & Tyler Poelle, shines a spotlight on modern day slavery through human trafficking.

This powerful film, based on numerous true stories, brings awareness to an issue that often lies hidden. The Smallbone Brothers and For KING & COUNTRY, partnered with numerous national and international organizations who are doing the work, on the ground, every day, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION to the countless women, men, and children who are enslaved by human trafficking.

“Priceless” is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and on digital download at