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Papa’s Back

Matt Papa kind of fell off my radar after his debut. Life, job, stuff. They get in the way sometimes.

Matt-Papa-Look-Live-Cover-300x300Look and Live
Matt Papa

But his new project, Look and Live, showed me what I’ve been missing. Matt Papa’s lyrics were what made his music stand out for me. That hasn’t changed as his melodies and arrangements have become more varied and sophisticated.

One thing Papa can write is the anthem. “Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery” is made for worshippers to stand up and sing. It’s powerful and soars higher and stronger with every verse.

“The Crucible of God (Gethsemane)” and “The Son of God Rises” are a terrific pair of songs. Most Gethsemane songs are quiet and sad. I admit that when the driving beat of this song began, I wondered exactly where it was going. It had me hooked by the 3rd line.  The chorus behind “The Son of God Rises” lifts this song above the standard Resurrection song. Excellent stuff, both of them.

“The Song of an Angel” is one of the freshest takes on Psalm 24 I’ve heard in a long time. “A Pilgrim’s Progress (Keep Runnin’)” is the showcase for Papa’s lyrical skill. Okay, of course: the song is the one you’ll be singing at the top of your voice in the car. It’s a terrific combo of music and lyrics. I dare you not to crank it up and sing along with it, as well as with the concluding song, “All I Want is You.”

I’m keeping Papa in the front group of my radar from now on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to blast a few songs out of my speakers.