OWN IT is a Simply-written yet Insightful Study on Personal Faith

Michael and Hayley DiMarco are bestselling and award-winning Christian authors. Together they have written 40 books for Hungry Planet. Their newest book, Own It; leaving behind a borrowed faith, is the companion book to the upcoming movie Grace Unplugged which releases in theaters October 4.

41qkJybe43L._SY346_Own It; Leaving behind a borrowed faith
By Hayley and Michael DiMarco
B&H Publishers.

In a recent interview, Michael DiMarco explained that owning your faith, “…is really coming to grips with these things that I believe, these things that define me, the way I live my life, and the relationship I have with the Creator of the Universe, are mine. It’s not defined by my parents, by my family tree, it’s not defined by an influencer in my life, whether it’s a friend or pastor or a smiling face on television. It’s when you come to grips with not just the stuff that is easy to understand about your faith, but when you own the hard-to-understand things about your faith. Owning your faith is not about being doubt-less; it’s about owning your doubts fully and still resting in that relationship with God.”

Own It begins with the story of the Prodigal Son, told in easy-to-understand language. The DiMarcos then go on to explain the conditions of the heart that mimic faith, but are not true faith. ‘Faking it’ is where someone tries to walk and talk like a Christian, but their faith is rooted in the approval of man and not in God. ‘Borrowing it,’ is found among people who were raised in a Christian home. Young children borrow their parents’ faith; however, problems arise if the child does not learn to own this faith as he grows. ‘Renting’ a faith occurs when someone tries to be a Christian by everything they do. ‘Pick and Choose’ faith occurs when people decide what they want to believe in the Bible, so that it doesn’t really affect their pleasure and lifestyle.

The authors then discuss those who choose to ‘Disown’ their faith. These people struggle with resentment that rises for the apparent lies they used to believe and the distrust or disgust for those who still believe them. The anger for believing those lies for so long. The pain of those who love the ‘disowner’ and their struggles to turn that person around and bring them back.

The DiMarcos spend the rest of the book is spent discussing what Owning their faith will do to a person. Sharing stories from their own life as well as from others, the chapters include,

Owning Your Faith Will Save You
Owning Your Faith Will Cost You
Owning Your Faith Will Change You
Owning Your Faith Will Complete You
Owning Your Faith Will Free You

Although the authors use a conversational style, Own It does not dumb down faith. Like many of the parables and teachings found in the Four Gospels, this book uses simple language to explain what it means to go beyond a head knowledge of faith and enter into a true, personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hayley and Michael DiMarco’s Own It; leaving behind a borrowed faith would be a great basis for a personal or group Bible study for teenagers and up.