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Musical Possibilities

Christian artist Lindsay Huggins establishes a music scholarship for needy students.

Lindsay HugginsNashville, Tennessee. It’s a community buzzing with music and creativity, performances on every corner by street musicians, and in concert halls across the city. It seems you can find melodies ringing out from almost anywhere. The honky-tonks on Broadway, the local Baptist church, or the elite Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It’s true that a great deal of that wonderful sound is thanks to raw, God-given talent, but a closer look also reveals countless hours of training and study that most likely began during the performer’s childhood. So what happens when a child’s love for music is coupled with the painful reality that there are no extra funds for purchasing an instrument or receiving lessons in the family budget? That’s the conundrum Christian artist Lindsay Huggins hopes she can help with.

This fall, after speaking with the board of directors for Lindsay Huggins Ministries, the non-profit organization she began two years ago, Lindsay set out to identify such students. Travel just a short distance outside of Nashville, and you’ll find a more rural setting where resources for music education are not quite so plentiful.

Lindsay approached a band director at Spring Hill Middle School, and offered a music scholarship to beginning band students who had expressed a desire to participate in Band but were unable to commit to the monthly instrument rental fees. Lindsay’s enthusiasm was intersected by gratefulness, and in early September she (and her four-year-old son) made the first delivery of instruments to SHMS. The recipients of this scholarship were gifted with starter packs for their instruments of choice, and Lindsay Huggins Ministries will cover the monthly rental fees for their instruments.

Research shows that music speaks to human emotions, but also strengthens cognitive processes. Lindsay hopes that participation in the school band program will increase confidence and academic success in the scholarship recipients, as well as simply allowing them to enjoy the beauty of creating music.

As an artist in full-time music ministry, Lindsay has committed her life to sharing hope through the gift of music. Whether it’s a concert in a church setting, a community festival, or sharing her songs through the radio waves, Lindsay has heard time and again how music has made a positive imprint on the life of her listeners. And she can identify.

“Studying and performing music in my youth not only gave me an outlet for expression and a community of friends, it also spoke positivity into my life during some very formative years.” While she is foremost a vocalist, Lindsay studied piano and flute during her youth, and her husband Craig studied trumpet and bass guitar. Now their son has shown interest in music and wants to try every instrument he can get his hands on. “We don’t want to push him into a certain mold, but we’ve seen his excitement when he discovers he can succeed at an instrument,” says Lindsay. “If I can have a small part in making that possible for other children, that’s what I want to do.”

Lindsay Huggins Ministries plans to expand the scholarship program and sponsor more students in the coming years. Keep your ears open for these budding musicians. You never know where these scholarship recipients will go!

To learn more about Lindsay’s music or to make a tax-deductible donation to the music scholarship program, visit