More inches lost with T-Tapp

My measurements for June 27, 2012.

Wednesday is the day of the week when I take my measurements. I wasn’t expecting a lot. Throughout the previous week, I have spent a lot of time outside, working on my flowers, veggies, berry and herb garden. With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, even working outside in the early morning left me physically drained. When I was indoors, I was doing some deep cleaning in anticipation of company coming this weekend. Over last week, I did about three days of T-Tapping,  mostly the Step Away the Inches and Tapp Core routines . Accodring to Teresa Tapp, this frequency of exercising  is alright if you’re maintaining, but you should do at least 5 days a week if you’re shooting for inch loss.

However, I knew if I didn’t take my measurements, it would be easy to slip off the T-Tapp wagon. So, I pulled out the tape measure, took a deep breath and measured. After measuring in the 14 different locations Teresa recommends, I did a quick calculation.

Two and one quarter inches. While that doesn’t sound great, my total for the month  is14.25 inches; now that’s something to smile about. 😀

This is a big reason to not miss your measuring day; that total to date is a huge motivation.  In fact, to celebrate, I did a workout this morning and again this afternoon.