Moaxis; New Smart Phone App that Links Internet Devices Apr03


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Moaxis; New Smart Phone App that Links Internet Devices

MoaxisFree Android download for a limited time

Innovative new smart phone app plans to extend mobile phone functions to televisions, computers, gaming consoles and more.

Today, Moaxis, a game changing mobile app, has launched its first beta for Android users. Moaxis allows you to extend your phone’s features to internet devices all around you. Simply install the Moaxis app from your phone’s app store and then install the host software for the device you want to extend your phone to. With Moaxis you will be able to get your phone calls, text messages, and alerts and notifications on your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console. The ability for hands-free calling, sending text messages from your computer, receiving instant cell phone alerts and notifications, and more will increase productivity and allow users to become less dependent on their phones. The forward-thinking tech company celebrates its beta launch by offering a free download to users currently on Android phones (Apple and Microsoft mobile apps coming soon).

“The name Moaxis was created by combining the words Mobile and Axis to create meaning around extending your mobile phone to devices all around you. As smartphones continue to become a more vital part of our everyday lives we find that as a society we have become addicted to them. Just think about it, how many times a day do you dig your phone out of your pocket to check it? If you’re like us, more than you care to admit,” says CEO and Co-founder, Bob O’Dell.

Moaxis will be the first app that connects multiple devices. A great feature of Moaxis is that it will be available to download onto most devices. Moaxis will span multiple platforms and operating systems such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets, Mac computers, Windows computers, Windows mobile, Google’s Chromebooks, Samsung SmartTV, Sony Playstation, and many more to come.

Currently the beta app is available for a free download on all Android phones running version 2.3.3 and later. The host software is available for Windows 7 and 8 with Apple Mac and Google’s Chromebook available shortly.

Moaxis is the only mobile app that offers voice, desktop sms, cell phone alerting, and notifications all in one package. Here are five great features of Moaxis:

1. Instant Call Notification

When your phone rings you can see who’s calling right from your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console and answer or send the call directly to voice mail.

2. Hands Free Calling

With Moaxis not only can you see who’s calling but for compatible blue tooth devices you can answer and place calls without having to use your mobile phone.

3. Receive and Respond to Text Messages

Moaxis allows you to receive text messages on your computer, tablet, TV, and gaming console. In addition you can instantly send text messages from your computer using your full size keyboard.

4. Alerts and Notifications

Moaxis extends your cell phone alerting and notification capabilities to your Moaxis enabled devices. Regardless of where your phone is, you can experience the convenience of getting important alerts and notifications immediately.

5. Easy Filters

While all the alerts and notifications will still be shown on your phone, Moaxis provides an easy way to block alerts and notifications to ensure only the ones you want will be sent to your Moaxis enabled devices.

For a limited time, download the Moaxis beta for Android for free to celebrate the launch of this must-have app, and like Moaxis on Facebook to enter to win a $100 Visa gift card (click the giveaway tab to enter).

About Moaxis

Moaxis Technologies Inc. is a group of innovative entrepreneurs who have set out to solve some basic everyday mobile inconveniences we all face. The group has extensive experience in software and mobile development, security applications, cloud infrastructure, and know what it takes to launch successful new products. Moaxis takes the most used mobile phone functions; voice, text, and alerting & notifications and extends them to your computer, tablets, TV, and gaming consoles allowing you to interact and experience mobile in a completely new way. We do this through a combination of a mobile app that runs on your smartphone and software programs that run on Moaxis enabled devices. Now you only have to use your mobile phone when you actually need it — while you’re on the move. Visit