“MESSY TO MEANINGFUL: Lessons from the Junk Drawer” Provides Wisdom in Small Things

MESSY TO MEANINGFUL: Lessons from the Junk Drawer by Monica Schmelter, Rhonda Rhea and Kaley Rhea

MESSY TO MEANINGFUL: Lessons from the Junk Drawer
By Monica Schmelter, Rhonda Rhea, and Kaley Rhea
(Bold Vision Books)

Rubber bands. Facial tissues. Staples. Can you see a life lesson in these items? No? What about Spare change? Tape measures? Duct Tape? “No,” you think, “Who can find life lessons in simple, ordinary stuff?”

Before dissing these items, consider: mustard seeds, lilies of the fields, yeast. Jesus Christ Himself set a standard for using simple, ordinary, every-day items to teach eternal truths.

Treading respectfully in His footsteps, authors Monica Schmelter, Rhonda Rhea, and Kaley Rhea have crafted a book of modern parables in MESSY TO MEANINGFUL: Lessons from the Junk Drawer (Bold Vision Books).

From the back cover of MESSY TO MEANINGFUL:
Got a junk drawer? Ever find yourself stuffing stray items in there without thinking? Holding on to incidentals that are no longer needed? Yeah, most of us are there. We can do that same sort of stuffing in our spiritual lives, holding on to so much junk that it becomes tough to fit in the good things the Lord is calling us to. What if we told you there are ways to sort through some of that junk, keep what you need, throw out what’s unnecessary and move forward, less hindered, less weighed down, more spiritually organized—more…free? There are powerful truths in the Word of God to get you to that very place. You’re invited to take a little journey through the junk drawer, enjoy some chuckles with girlfriends Monica Schmelter, Rhonda Rhea and Kaley Rhea, and find yourself some beautiful…free.

About the Authors:
Monica Schmelter is best known as the host of the Christian Television Network’s daily television program, Bridges, broadcast weekly in more than 50 million homes across the country. Rhonda Rhea and Kaley Rhea are a mother/daughter writing team, authors of the funny romantic comedy, Turtles in the Road. Rhonda is also a humor columnist and author of many other books. Rhonda and Kaley live in the St. Louis area, Monica in the Nashville area. The three laugh about the path they’re wearing between the two cities.

In MESSY TO MEANINGFUL, the three authors bravely open their junk drawers—and their lives—to share the items/issues found inside. In the chapter on rubber bands, Monica shares how a bundle of rubber bands—many stretched or even broken—were used as an object lesson/reminder of stretching your faith to the employees of the television studio where she works. She paralleled it to the man who had to stretch out his crippled hand before Jesus healed him. Rhonda examines the hundreds of staples in her junk drawer and segues it to following the Lord’s command to seek Him continually. Kaley took a story about facial tissues and expanded it to explain how we are all connected to His Story.

Some chapters are lighter, bringing a smile or chuckle, and other chapter are heavier, encouraging readers to delve deep into their lives and souls. Each chapter includes scripture and a “Sorting it Out,” section at the to use for further reflection.

Releasing April 30, MESSY TO MEANINGFUL: Lessons from the Junk Drawer reads quickly, but this book has a wealth of wisdom. Readers would do well to slow down and savor each chapter and applying the lessons to their own junk drawers and their own lives.