Matt Papa Speaks Sep27


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Matt Papa Speaks

Missionary, preacher, musician, husband, father… and he writes a mean praise and worship song. Sign this man up! (Seriously, if he plays football, the Buffalo Bills could use some divine assistance.)

Mpapa2Matt Papa certainly has the right kind of angels on his team. He just returned from a “songwriting missions trip” to China. As he puts it, “We went over to minister and share the Gospel and along with that to have some time for writing. The idea was for us to be impacted by the culture and our ministry experiences, to have our vision of the world blown up, and to write songs out of that experience.”

China can be a volatile place when it comes to missions work, but Papa said they didn’t run into any trouble. “We were strategic about when to talk and who to talk to. At certain moments we had to stay under the radar, but we were also bold about sharing the Gospel and had some great conversations.”

Yep. Some high-level angels on Papa’s team.

Papa has some high-level songwriting angels on his side as well. One of the unique aspects of his music is the way he turns complex Scripture passages into appealing songs. Like much modern worship, his Scripture-based songs have structure, but they also have freedom.

“I think songs are sermons that people remember,” Papa says. “You can hear a sermon and forget it a week later, but you can hear a song and it can be ingrained forever.”

Speaking of sermons, Papa says with a laugh that he’s always been confused about whether he’s a preacher or a singer. “I love to preach the Bible so much. I ‘just’ preach at events about once a month, but I always preach whenever I have a guitar in my hand.”

Papa says he likes to create a complete experience in his concerts. He unpacks the stories behind his songs, share his heart, and how the songs relate to everyone’s lives.

He’s also the Artist in Residence at a church, where he leads worship twice a month and then gets sent out from there to lead worship on the road. That road stretches halfway around the world.

“I try to help people see the beauty of Christ and bring the Scriptures to life for people,” Papa says.

With so many influences and experiences to draw from, it isn’t surprising that Papa creates Scripture-based songs that are layered and complex and eminently singable. That angel mojo sure has some impact.

I think I’ll be preordering Papa’s next project right now.