Marina De Van Speaks Sep25


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Marina De Van Speaks

French filmmaker, Marina de Van,studied philosophy at the Lycée Henri IV and at the Sorbonne University before pursuing a career in film.

darktouchHer first feature film, 2002’s body-horror flick, In My Skin, was called “a journey of self-discovery,” by That self-discovery involved a woman biting, cutting, slashing and picking at a wound in her skin to “discover” what lies beneath. It’s certainly not for  the squeamish. The same can be said for Ms. de Van’s latest release, an unflinching exploration of violence and child abuse called Dark Touch.

Mike Parker: As a French filmmaker, why did you choose to set your film, Dark Touch, in Ireland?

Marina de Van: For production reasons. I wasn’t allowed to shoot my movie in France, for there’s a central commission regarding the use of kids in movies, and this commission didn’t allow my film to be shot with French kids. We had to find a foster country, and we chose Ireland and Sweden. Also for economical reasons.

But I was glad to discover those countries and to work in English. It was funny though, but ludicrous.

Parker: The theme of violence begetting violence until the innocent become the perpetrators seems to emerge as the film progresses – at least from my perspective. Did you intend for that theme to emerge, or were you just telling a story and allowing the audience to come to its own conclusions?

Marina: I don’t understand the word, “begetting,” so I don’t understand the question. If you mean that violence drives to violence, no, it wasn’t my idea. Violences received by Neve (the main character) and from Neve, are very different. Neve isn’t evil nor bad. She’s right.

Parker:  The combination of telekinetic powers, child abuse, abandonment, isolation and vengeance that are prevalent in Dark Touch have been explored before in such classic films as Village of the Damned and Carrie. What influences, cinematic, literary or personal, did you draw on to create your film?

Marina:  I love both of those films, so I suppose they influenced me. But I can’t say that other films could have fed me while I was working, because I never think in any historic or cinephilic way while I’m writing. I try to be focused only on the singular story and character I write about. So I’m not aware of the connections, even though they might work in me without my awareness.

Parker:  I understand you studied philosophy prior to pursuing a career in film. How has that impacted your filmmaking?

Marina:  It impacted who I am – then probably what I do. But I wouldn’t know how, nor how to analyse it.

Parker:  You are both a screenwriter and director. Which is the most satisfying?

Marina: Directing.

DARK TOUCH opens in select theaters and will be available to watch on Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube) starting September 27th.