Mariah Mundi Sequel Get Hollywood Greenlight

British writer and former Vicar GP Taylor is set to follow the success of JK Rowling as Hollywood greenlights Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box sequel.

Movie poster for Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box

The first installment of the Mariah Mundi saga, which featured superstar actors Michael Sheen, Sam Neill, Leona Headley, Ioan Gruffudd and Aneurin Barnard in the title role, wrapped filming in England earlier this year. Industry movers and shakers have been so pleased with the production that a sequel has already been commissioned before the first film is released. Principal photography for the second installment is set to begin shooting in 2013.

Movie speculators are already looking at Mariah Mundi to fill the gap left by the Harry Potter series. At this weekend’s American Film Market, a showcase for new films, industry insiders are clamoring to get tickets to see the highly anticipated first showing of the film’s trailer.

All eyes in Hollywood are on Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box to reach out to teen audiences missing Harry Potter. Producer Peter Bevan said, “Our intention with Mariah Mundi was to make a knowingly commercial movie to fill the gap.”

Key cast members, including Aneurin Barnard and Michael Sheen, will return for the as-yet untitled sequel, though it’s expected a new director will take over from Jonathan Newman. Barnard plays the 17-year-old Mariah, whose world is torn apart by the disappearance of his parents and the kidnapping of his younger brother. In the first adventure, he teams up with Sheen’s Will Charity and journeys to a majestic hotel teetering on the edge of a cliff where he finds an extraordinary box that turns everyday objects into gold.

Mariah Mundi author, GP Taylor

Produced by Entertainment Motion Pictures in association with Arcadia Motion Pictures, the hope is that given Harry Potter and Twilight
will be out of the way, the market is ripe for a fresh teen adventure franchise to program against The Hunger Games. The middle ground of budgets has disappeared,” Bevan says, “and our intention with Mariah Mundi was to make a knowingly commercial movie to fill the gap, on an independent basis.”

“I am really excited that the film should be green lit so early,” GP Taylor told BuddyHollywood. He explained that he will be writing a fourth book, as the filmed sequel will not be based upon either Mariah Mundi and the Ghost Diamonds or Mariah Mundi and the Ship Of Fools. However, he would not give any hints about the new book and film script. “The plot of the film is strictly under wraps,” he said, “but there are some unexpected twists!”