Marcia Ware Speaks Jun03


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Marcia Ware Speaks

With a resume that includes appearances at Carnegie Hall, The House of Blues in Chicago, the Grand Ol’ Opry, five European and three Australian concert tours, Marcia Ware’s musical background is as varied as it is colorful.  In addition to her own celebrated solo work, she has provided background vocals for artists such as Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, Peter Frampton, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Gospel greats Bill and Gloria Gaither and the legendary Chaka Khan.

An aspiring actress, she has appeared in several episodes of the third season of the ABC drama, Nashville playing…surprise, surprise…a background singer. The multi-talented entertainer recently added ‘author’ to her resume. Maggie’s Song, the first installment of her two-volume novel series, Full Circle, is slated for release this summer from WordCrafts Press.

marcia4Mike Parker – You’ve provided background vocals for a multitude of top tier artists such as Lorrie Morgan and, Peter Frampton. Do you ever feel like your life is an outtake from the film “20 Feet from Stardom”?

Marcia Ware – Absolutely. I finally got a chance to watch that film, and I was actually asked to be on a panel discussion for the film at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre, but I couldn’t do it because, ironically enough, I was on the road singing backup for another artist.

Parker – In addition to being a performing artist, you are also a novelist. You’ve written a two-volume novel series, called Full Circle. Tell me a bit about the story.

Marcia – The story involves a girl named Maggie West. She is in the middle of a number of personal storms. There is the storm of her relationship with her boyfriend, the storm of her relationship with her father, the storm of her own insecurities and the storm of her work as a singer/songwriter and her relationship with a very insecure music industry manager. The one rock in her life is her friendship with Grace, but when that rock is swept away Maggie is left with virtually nothing to hold onto – until she finds love in the unlikeliest of places.

Parker – Sounds like a Lifetime movie of the week to me. So, if Full Circle was made into a movie, who would play Maggie?

Marcia – I started writing this story 15 years ago, so the answer to that question is in flux. Maggie is a curvy girl, and most actresses these days are pencil-thin, so it’s hard to say. Originally I envisioned Jennifer Hudson, but that was before her Weight Watchers gig. Maybe Raven-Symone.  Actually, after giving it some thought, Jill Scott would be perfect to play Maggie West.

Parker – Tell me about your writing process.

Marcia – I know a lot of people just write from the hip, but I had to have an outline. Who am I kidding? I’m ADHD. If I don’t have a precise structure I end up going all over the place. An outline is a great map for someone who is as scattered as I am. It helps when I’m ready to color inside the lines.

Parker Full Circle is all about overcoming the storms of life. Any advice for readers who might be going through their own personal storms?

Marcia – We all go through storms in life. It’s just part of what makes us human. I would advise people to take time with your relationships, particularly your relationship with God. People ask me all the time if I am Maggie, or if I based Maggie on myself. Maggie is not really me, but Maggie is kind of who I want to be. People say things to her and about her that are negative and hurtful, but she constantly reminds herself that she is not what other people say she is. That’s what I would like to be able to do, and that’s what I would advise my readers to do; to shed those words like old clothes that don’t fit, and believe what is best, what is true about yourself.

Parker – Last words?

Marcia – I’d love to connect with folks on Facebook, /waymarciaware. That’s the best place for fans and friends to keep up with what’s going on with my life and career.

The Seven Questions

  1. What’s your favorite sound?

Marcia – I love the sound of a baby that is completely content, that squeaky little sound they make when they are all washed and powdered and happy.

  1. What makes you happy?

Marcia – Family. Being in a room with everyone I love with good food, good conversation and lots of laughter.

  1. What makes you angry?

Marcia – Criticism.

  1. What is the secret of success?

Marcia – Knowing who you are, and operating everything you do from that understanding.

  1. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be?

Marcia – So many! I’m fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. I would love to share a glass of wine with Norma Jean and find out what she loved and what she loathed, and why she couldn’t find it in herself. I would also love to have dinner with Patti LaBelle.

  1. What is the epitaph that is written on your tombstone?

Marcia – Now she is eternally laughing.

  1. When you get to heaven, what is the first thing you want to hear God say to you?

Marcia – I don’t know that I want to hear Him say anything. I just want to see Him open His arms wide, inviting me in.