Lou Ferrigno Speaks Oct15


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Lou Ferrigno Speaks

Lou Ferrigno is inextricably associated as Bill Bixby’s green-skinned alter ego from the popular television series, The Incredible Hulk.

Lou_StudioPose21The 6’ 5” world champion body builder didn’t need to rely on CGI to make him look, well, incredible. His astonishing physique and fearsome expressions were enough to make erstwhile Hulks turn green with envy.

Mike Parker – You are for many of us, the original Incredible Hulk,and you left some mighty big footprints for the actors who followed you in that role. Who’s your favorite Hulk?

Lou Ferrigno – Bill Bixby. Today’s hulks rely so much on CGI, but there is nothing like the human hulk. I’m a big fan of the original TV Series.

Parker – You started out as a body builder before launching into film and television. Those seem quite different careers, but I think the discipline and dedication to your craft is similar in both fields. How did body building prepare you for your work as an actor?

Ferrigno – Both require consistency and determination. Both are part of the entertainment industry, and what I discovered was an enjoyment and ability to entertain people in front of a camera.

Parker – You’ve crossed paths with, and had a similar career as, another bodybuilder/actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Have you ever considered going into politics?

Ferrigno – No. I’m not really all that interested in being in involved in politics. I work as a volunteer for the Sheriff’s posse, and I’d much rather be involved in law enforcement than politics.

Parker – Tell me a little about your involvement with the upcoming Wizard World event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ferrigno – This is the first time I’m doing a comic com in Nashville, and I’m excited to get there and met the fans in that great city. I invite everyone to come out to my table. There will be lots of fun stuff going on there.

Parker – Any new projects on the horizon?

Ferrigno – I just finished filming The Scorpion King 4 in Romania, and I starred in a short film/pilot called The Liberator.

Parker – Last words?


Ferrigno – We’ve just launched a new website called FerrignoFIT.com where we focus on helping people be healthy in every sense of the word – mind, body and spirit. I can’t physically be a personal trainer for everyone, but through the FerrignoFIT.com website, everyone can experience the fundamentals of health and fitness to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Lou Ferrigno is scheduled to join Eisner Award Hall of Famer Stan LeeNorman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” and “The Fonz” Henry Winkler at the inaugural Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, October 18-20 at Music City Center.