Jason Lee McKinney Band Jun24


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Jason Lee McKinney Band

There is an old tradition in Nashville called a ‘guitar pull.’

Volume1Musicians would gather in someone’s living room, pull out their guitars and share songs they were working on. Often the others in the room would pick up the melody and join in, creating some of the coolest music you never heard.

Back in the day, when there was still music on MTV, the powers that be came up with an innovative idea: fans might get a kick out of hearding bands that made their names playing electrified, amplified, arena rock, playing their songs in an intimate, laid back, acoustic living room setting. Viola! “Unplugged” was born.

Fast forward to the present (and yes, there is a point to the story). “Play Something You Believe In, Volumes 1 & 2” from The Jason Lee McKinney Band, provides listeners with the best of both worlds. Volume 1 features 11 electric alt-country rock tunes that are designed to get you and your significant other (or even a perfect stranger) up on the dance floor, while Volume 2 strips down to the basics, giving you the chance to catch your breath, sip on your favorite cold beverage and nod your head in time to the beat.

My favorite cuts include the acoustic “Sinking Stone,” the funky throwback “Midnight in Memphis,” and the meandering, mellow and occasionally melancholy “Summer Makes The Sunshine.” Whether you lean toward amped or acoustic, you’ve got to appreciate the artistry of McKinney and Company. And at $15 bucks for a double-CD featuring 18 tunes, you definitely get your money’s worth.