Humorist Turns 350 Years Old (in dog years) May30


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Humorist Turns 350 Years Old (in dog years)

Rochester, NY-based humorist and author Joanne Brokaw has reached a milestone. She has hit the Big 5-0. “That’s 350 in dog-years,” quips the author of the humorous anthology, What the Dog Said .

What the Dog Said eBook Cover ArtTo help celebrate her first half-century on the planet, Brokaw’s publisher, WordCrafts Press, is cutting the price on the eBook version of What the Dog Said by 1% for each year of Brokaw’s existence: 50 years = a 50% discount! Regularly priced at $5.99, starting today, May 30, through the entire month of June, fans can buy the eBook for just $2.99 from such major eBook retailers as’s Kindle store, Apple iTunes, and

What the Dog Said is available for all major eBook readers, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo Arc and others.

About What the Dog Said

Life is messy business, and that’s just fine with Brokaw. For almost a decade, she’s been musing on life’s ups, downs and in-betweens, taking readers on a journey filled with laughter, dog hair and even a few tears. From her heartwrenching chance encounter with a soldier in an airport to her confession as an office supply addict, from parenting advice to holiday observations penned by Bandit, her blogging Border Collie, Brokaw has compiled fan favorites into a single volume entitled, What the Dog Said, from WordCrafts Press. Brokaw invites both old friends and new readers to join her as she explores the mundane (but often hilarious) mishaps and adventures of everyday life.

The book has garnered kudos from industry pros. Kelsey Timmerman, author of the books “Where Am I Wearing” and “Where Am I Eating,” said, “Life is funny and packed with poignant life lessons. So is Joanne Brokaw’s “What the Dog Said”…Tickle that funny bone; pluck those heart strings; read this book!”

Barbara McSpadden of “Rochester Woman Magazine” said, “Joanne’s unique ability to find humor in the everyday things that life throws our way is intricately woven throughout this book. “What the Dog Said” is witty, insightful and a true pleasure to read. Her dog Bandit provides his own canine perspective on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, that will make you smile. The final chapter, from which the book gets its name, was my favorite chapter of all. It will touch the heart of anyone who’s ever owned a dog…all I can say is keep the Kleenex handy.”

About the Author

Humor columnist and award-winning freelance writer Joanne Brokaw has spent the majority of her writing career covering entertainment, writing feature stories and penning a slice-of-life column for dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites in the U.S. and Canada. Her extensive writing resume includes American Greetings,,, Christian Examiner newspapers, Christian Voice Magazine, Focus on the Family, Pup Culture Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine. She also assists her Border Collie, Bandit, with his blog and answers his fan mail.

In addition to writing, drinking tea and cultivating her flock of dust bunnies, Brokaw spends her days dreaming of things she’d like to do but probably never will – like swimming with dolphins, cleaning the attic and someday overcoming the trauma of elementary school picture day. She lives in Western NY with two dogs, a cat, six chickens and one very patient husband. Learn more at