Groove Life Rings: A New Trend in Wedding Rings Jun27


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Groove Life Rings: A New Trend in Wedding Rings

Groove Life’s silicone active ring will keep diamonds, precious stones and metals safe from damage while traveling and enjoying outdoor adventures this summer.

Let me tell you about my wedding ring…it’s beautiful. Single marquis-cut diamond in the center, with two diamonds on each side, gold, intricate bands that swirl around each other. This ring is truly one of a kind that my husband found at a corner jewelry store in Nashville, Tennessee. I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it.

Time went on, and my life went from a blushing bride to a mom of two, teacher of many toddlers, and aspiring runner. Nowadays, my beautiful ring sits on a ring holder in my bathroom, waiting for a special occasion to be used. At my job, I change upwards 20 diapers a day, and then come home to be a wife and mother washing dishes, cleaning the house; you get the idea. These are perfect scenarios to lose my precious ring or damage it.

In walks GROOVE LIFE RING – from Groove Life – a silicone based ring that is an excellent stand-in for my golden one.

I was first introduced to this alternative wedding ring when I saw a Facebook ad for it, and was astounded by the whole idea. For less than $35, I can have a durable ring that will withstand poopy diapers, dumbbells, and soapy dishes.

Because it is made of silicone, it stays put on my finger and does not slide around. At first, it felt like I was wearing a bandage around my finger, but I quickly got used to it, and it felt completely normal. I even have received many compliments like, “Hey! I love your pink ring! Is that one of those new silicone rings?” I put this ring on in the morning, and I do not have to worry about if I am going to lose it, or even if the diamond is going to scratch a toddler on the face as I go to give them a hug (Hey! It’s happened before). It even feels great when I am running a few miles and my hands swell. If I get it dirty by pulling weeds, the silicone easily washes clean with soap and water. I cannot tell you the last time I took my actual wedding ring to get cleaned.

Groove Life has vastly expanded their collection with new styles and colors, ranging from classic to bold and bright

These new silicone based rings have been used by Olympians, soldiers, Cross-Fit trainers, and this mom. I am glad I found GROOVE LIFE RING and recommend it to anyone who loves claiming to be married, but wants to protect their expensive rings from daily life. If only GROOVE LIFE RING could create a ring that sparkles like a diamond…