FIRST BLUSH an engaging and fun read Apr04


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FIRST BLUSH an engaging and fun read

coverbeachElizabeth3From the author of the Sisters, Ink series comes an engaging and fun new novella about finding your way…at the beach.

by Rebeca Seitz
Glass Road Media & Management, LLC

Looking for a quick read that is light and engaging? Do you enjoy romance, mystery and sand between your toes? If this describes you, then you’ll love FIRST BLUSH, the newest novella from Rebeca Seitz.

About the story

Elizabeth Bakersfield may live in the gorgeous town of Naples, Florida, but she is not the thirty-year-old she envisioned. Her husband left with a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Her job prospects are nil. The rent is due. Her best friend is living a thousand miles away, building a career in NYC. And her closest companion is the cockatiel Johnny Carson.

The job front starts looking up when she’s offered the position of caretaker of Ganderley’s – a library, kind of. Elizabeth’s job is to loan out the priceless antiques and cars amassed by the widowed Ganderley sisters. Easy, right? Sign things out, get them back in two weeks. And, if she runs into trouble, there’s the gorgeous Ganderley nephew with the British accent, Nicholas Harrington, waiting in the wings with help.

But Elizabeth is about to learn first-hand that possessions – and gorgeous Brits – bring their own kind of drama. If she doesn’t figure out how to sidestep it, her job (not to mention the start of a new life) might be over before it ever really began.

I loved First Blush from the opening sentence. Her characters are fully-fleshed out. Writing in stream of consciousness style, Rebeca draws her readers into the quirky mind and world of Elizabeth Bakersfield, of the Bakersfields of Naples, Florida. Elizabeth’s family’s wealth and position is such that any family member who is merely “rich” is considered a poor relation. And her parents have the pomposity to fit their social standing.  Sound snobbish? Yeah, I thought the same thing.

Luckily, Elizabeth is not like them. Yes, she came from wealth, but she is determined to make it on her own after her husband decided to get cozy with a cheerleader. So, instead of living in her parent’s opulent mansion, she lives in a small apartment near the beach with a cockatiel. But, no matter what her last name is, rent is due at the end of the month and Elizabeth is getting desperate.

The Ganderley sisters are a hoot! I wish their characters were based on real people; I would take a trip to Naples just to meet them and prowl through their home/museum/shop.

Seitz writes sharp and witty dialogue, with southern phrases sprinkled throughout. If you grew up anywhere below the Mason-Dixon Line, you’ll find yourself chuckling as you read comments like, ‘My mother would slap me six ways from Sunday.”

The story line is brief, with the action taking off like a roller coaster shortly after the opening scene and ending before you are ready; but that is the nature of a novella. Thankfully, this is the first of a series, so readers who fall in love with Elizabeth will have future stories to look forward to.

FIRST BLUSH is available on all major e-tailing platforms; Apple, Google Play, Amazon, and B&N. It’s also available on Deeper Shopping.

To learn more about Rebeca Seitz, visit her website/blog or LIKE her Facebook page