“Jericho Bay” touted as American “Downton Abbey”

NY Times bestselling author GP Taylor tackles American TV with “Jericho Bay”
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A new project called Jericho Bay is being touted around Cannes Film Festival as an American TV series to rival “Downton Abbey.” It is being written by New York Times bestselling author GP Taylor, best known for his multi-million selling hit young adult novel, “Shadowmancer.”

The dramatic series, Jericho Bay, looks at the life of the Bailey family from Christmas, 1933, to the outbreak of war with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Set in the refined atmosphere of Long Island, New York, the series explores the lives of the social elite that resided there in the 1930’s. It centers on Charles Bailey, the head of a newspaper empire, and his family who live in a stately Long Island home called Jericho Bay as they try to cope with a changing world.

Plot details have not been divulged but are rumored to focus on the grand lifestyle of the Long Island elite and the rich story of the Bailey family, their servants and those in their social circle. The intricate lives of politicians, movie stars, artists and financiers all play their part in the development of this saga that has echoes of “Downton Abbey” and “Dynasty.”

Executives said that Taylor has wanted to pen the drama for several years following a book tour to the US in 2004. He has waited until the “Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box” franchise began filming in April before responding to many requests for him to write for television.

Taylor has long been known for advocacy of literacy amount young people, and has spend much of time visiting schools to promote reading. He co-authored the two-volume Ancient Mysteries Retold series with American playwright and author Paula K. Parker, after discovering appalling illiteracy rates among children and young people in the UK. His biggest hits have been his young adult thrillers, including “Shadowmancer” which is also slated for film production in 2013. Jericho Bay represents Taylor’s first outing as a screen writer.

News from Cannes this week is that producers are looking to fit the project with a U.S. broadcaster willing to take a high end stance on the series they say will break new ground.

Jericho Bay has larger, universal themes that have all to do with the true human condition and the nature of American society,” says the Executive. “Even though the initial series is set in the inter-war years, the series will resonate with the hearts and minds of today as it reflects through a historic lens the national culture of our time. As then, so now, the dream of money – celebrity – power – hedonism – is played out.”