Debut Novel “THE NEPHILIM VIRUS” Has the Makings of a Best-seller Jan09


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Debut Novel “THE NEPHILIM VIRUS” Has the Makings of a Best-seller

The Nephilim Virus by John T. Prather

By John T. Prather
(Deep River Books, LLC)

An ancient virus has created a global pandemic, turning those infected into crazed creatures with animalistic cravings. Only a few people appear to hold the hope for a cure; but they are being hunted down by a small group of intelligent super-humans whose sole desire is to eradicate the human race. The Nephilim Virus—the debut novel by author and Hollywood actor John Prather—is a heart-pounding, page-turning, disturb-your-sleep story that intertwines history and science to create a believable, post-apocalyptic tale.

About The Nephilim Virus 

Nick Reese wakes from a three-year coma to find the world he once knew is gone. An ancient virus has infected two-thirds of the world’s population, turning humans into either incredibly intelligent super-humans or large and indestructible animalistic creatures. For the survivors, there is no government, no antidote, and no safety. With the help of a beautiful hematologist named Faith and a man they call the Commander, Nick must survive long enough to discover the origin of the virus and learn how his blood could hold the key to a cure. But he has to do it while being hunted by the infected. And failure means the extinction of the human race. 

The Nephilim Virus contains everything needed to make this book a best-seller. The writing is stellar; I interrupted my husband several times to read passages aloud. The characters are fully-developed, with characteristics that readers will recognize in others or in themselves. The story is believable; the scientific explanations read like something from Michael Crichton. The book implements spiritual ideals, but they are subtle, adding a “Whoa! I never thought of that,” element to the story. It is face-paced, racing from the first page to the last. The chapters are very short, making it tempting to keep reading long into the night.

The Nephilim Virus is a riveting novel. I will not be surprised if this book is optioned for a film; it would make a Hollywood blockbuster.

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