Craft Wars or Boring Wars? Jun27


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Craft Wars or Boring Wars?

From cooking showdowns, to DIY contests, everybody loves a good competition. TLC’s new television competition, Craft Wars, premiering June 26, is bound to be the newest craze of the craft world.

Each week, host Tori Spelling challenges three contestants to create seemingly bizarre constructions in a timed competition. There are two rounds each show with a ‘pop craft’ – something simple made out of random materials like a duffel bag out of sports equipment – and a ‘master craft challenge,’ like building a playhouse out of school supplies. Yes, it sounds impossible, but keep in mind that Michaels has sponsored this event and has supplied the contestants with an abundance of craft supplies that would make any crafter drool.

The major challenge of the show is a daunting multi-hour task, but the contestants are given lots of manpower and coupled with their supplies leads me to believe they weren’t under as much pressure as they want viewers to believe. The contestants have an abundance of supplies including paint, fabric, sewing machines, and even an entire wood shop complete with power tools. Ironically, many of the items I saw on screen have made their way into my Michael’s shopping cart on more than one occasion.

Any Pinterest-loving, Michael’s-coupon-holding, paint-covered craft-ite would give their favorite hot glue gun for the chance to be on this show. I’m an avid crafter and I’ve dabbled in most crafting methods and genres. I love watching DIY shows and the title ‘Craft Wars’ sparked my interest.

However, TLC’s newest competition show didn’t play out as I had expected and left me wanting more. The show needs to be less about Tori Spelling (host and executive producer) and her life as a crafter, mother and bad makeup wearer. It needs to highlight more about how these contestants come up with these ideas.

Craft Wars doesn’t mess around. Each week, one talented contestant will win $10,000 for their efforts on the show. I’d say that amount of money would be worth being around the annoying host and her kids who randomly run on screen, and the corny judges who kick off the only contestant I liked.