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Congrats Christian Activities

I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1993.

While visiting a local Christian bookstore I came across a delightful local publication, Christian Activities Nashville, which provided tons of information about concerts and events of interest to the local Christian community. I had a subscription to CCM Magazine, which was the big boy on the block at that time as far as covering the national Christian music scene, but Christian Activities Nashville gave me the inside scoop on what was happening locally. The combination of the two publications was awesome.

Christian Activities Nashville ran an ad looking for commissioned advertising sales people, and since I loved the genre, and needed the extra cash, I applied. It turns out I wasn’t a great ad salesman, but I loved the people and the publication. One day, Kathryn Darden, the publisher, asked me if I would be interested in reviewing an upcoming concert with NewSong, Michael O’Brien and newcomer girl group, Sierra. Well, duh! Free concert and get to write what I wanted about it? Sign me up.

That concert review in Christian Activities Nashville was my very first professional writing credit, and it opened up the doors for a whole new career for me. To say I’m grateful for the friendship and mentorship of Kathryn and CAN is an understatement of Biblical proportions.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the early 90s. Christian Activities Nashville is now 20 years old, and with age come change. In fact, the music industry as a whole, and the contemporary Christian music genre in particular, have seen massive changes. We’ve gone from a print only world, to e-everything, and Christian Activities Nashville has changed right along with it. Even the name has changed. You can now visit Kathryn and company online at www.ChristianActivities.com.

But one thing hasn’t changed. ChristianActivities.com is still the place to go for the inside scoop to what’s happening in Christian music, books, the arts and just about any other activity you can name. Congratulations on 20 years, Christian Activities. Here’s to another 20.

Mike Parker is an author, actor, playwright and publisher. Visit him online at www.mikeparker.info.