Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award Feb07


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Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award

Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), Phil Molyneux (President & CEO, Sony Electronics), and Chris Cookson (President, Sony Pictures Technologies) join Harrison Ford and Salman Rushdie as Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award recipients.

cinequestlogoThey will be honored with separate, special events highlighting their inspirational careers, accomplishments, and their contributions to the idea of a Maverick. Previous guest recipients have included J.J. Abrams, Kevin Spacey, William H. Macy, Gus Van Sant, Spike Lee, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jackie Chan, Sir Ian McKellen, Edward James Olmos, Robert Wise, Alec Baldwin, and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Maverick Spirit Award Recipients:

Chuck Palahniuk is best known for his award-winning novel, Fight Club, catching the eyes of 20th Century Fox, making it one of the biggest cult classic feature films of this generation. Since then, Mr. Palahniuk continues to captivate audiences with his popular novels Invisible Monsters, Lullaby, and his New York Times bestseller, Choke . His transgressional fiction focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and break free in unusual ways. His way of telling stories is rare and distinct, engaging audiences to want more. On Saturday, March 2 at 1:30 p.m., Cinequest honors Mr. Palahniuk with the esteemed Maverick Spirit Award and he will discuss his writing techniques and the skills needed to transform a story from page to screen. Preceding the conversation will be a screening Romance, a new short film based on a Palahniuk story.

Harrison Ford (Witness, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and much more) is, without question, one of cinema’s most iconic actors, approaching his art with a brilliant array of integrity, commitment, profound charisma, and authority. Join Cinequest in the palatial California Theatre on Sunday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. for a riveting evening with Mr. Ford, as we present him our Maverick Spirit Award. Event moderated by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, CEO of Girls Club Entertainment and director of Miss Representation.

In recognition of their innovative, pioneering achievements that have enhanced movie making and exhibition, Cinequest will present Chris Cookson, President of Sony Pictures Technologies and Phil Molyneux, President of Sony Electronics, with the Maverick Spirit Award. Cinequest fuses creativity with innovation — each year showcasing the premier technologies in creating, exhibiting, and distributing films and television. Cinequest Film Festival 23 will unleash the pinnacle of filmmaking, restoration, and exhibition technologies with Sony 4K. Molyneux and Cookson’s Mavericks Spirit conversation will occur prior to a screening of Taxi Driver , restored in 4K, on Wednesday, March 6 at 7:15 p.m.

Throughout his long, esteemed career, writer Salman Rushdie has embodied the spirit of the maverick, creating works as he chooses, telling the truth as he sees it, always conscious of his role as an artist. Cinequest’s Closing Night, Saturday, March 9 at 6:00 p.m. will showcase Midnight’s Children, an epic story overflowing with romance, fantasy, humor, and magic, featuring the momentous collaboration between director Deepa Mehta (Earth, Water, and Fire) and world-renowned novelist Salman Rushdie who wrote the screenplay based on his own Booker-Prize-award-winning book.

Cinequest at a Glance

CINEQUEST is a vanguard organization that fuses creativity with technological innovation to empower, improve, and transform the lives of people and communities, through Cinequest Picture the Possibilities (PTP), Cinequest Film Festival, and Cinequest Mavericks Studio.

From February 26 – March 10, Cinequest Film Festival 23 (CQFF23) unleashes its biggest and most impactful lineup of global films, artists, and technologies. www.cinequest.orgĀ