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Beauty from the Ashes

Nashville-based author, speaker and Certified Christian Life Coach, Ginny Priz, interviews ten local women about their personal brokenness and how they found hope and healing during the upcoming Beauty from the Ashes event. Among the featured guests are Monica Schmeltzer, celebrity host of Bridges, a nationally syndicated Christian TV series; Heather Lenzy, author of Dating in Black and White; and Patty Mason, author of four books including The Power of Hope. These video interviews cover subjects such as:

  • Failed Relationships
  • Manipulation/Emotional Abuse
  • Depression
  • Life-Threatening Attacks
  • Cheating Spouse
  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Caring For a Child with Special Needs
  • Suicide of a loved one

The free, two-week event, hosted by Priz, starts Monday, December 12th. Each weekday, a new interview will be sent straight to subscribers’ email inboxes. To subscribe for free, visit ginnypriz.com/bfa.

One viewer commented, “Beauty from the Ashes is a godsend. I love hearing how God works in people’s lives.”

Priz says, “God blessed me by creating me with a right arm that only extends just below the elbow. My prosthetic keeps me ‘armed’ for adversity. I’m also a survivor of trials that left me in ashes. My identity as ‘the good girl’ was torched in 2011 when my codependency and reliance on alcohol earned me a conviction for ‘Driving Under the Influence.’

“I would have stayed in that shameful, despairing head-space if it weren’t for the stories of other men and women who’d been there, leaned on God, and came out stronger for it,” Priz declares. “My desire, and the desire of these 10 successful women, is to share hope and healing with others. Whether you are under fire or seeking to understand another’s pain, this is where HOPE starts – with testimonies of those who have been there and thrived!”

Priz’s book, Ditch the Drama – which released internationally from WordCrafts Press on September 6, 2016 in trade paperback and all popular eBook formats – equips readers with the right questions to help them navigate difficult emotions and relationships, discover (or rediscover) their identity in Christ, and experience joy and freedom in any situation.

Ginny Priz is a single-handed lover of life! Being born without a full right arm was the blessing that gave faith in God’s plan… “and having a prosthetic comes in handy when making humorous puns and one-arm-liners,” she adds.

After years of struggling with anxiety, codependency, and addiction, she gave in and let God change her journey through the Serenity Prayer. She discovered her value in Christ – not just in her head, but in her heart. Today, Ginny has a passion for sharing this transformational power to help others along their own serenity journey.

She is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and is additionally trained in Christian Life Coaching and Exhortation Life Coaching. Ginny is a SCORRE Certified speaker who enjoys bringing messages of hope to women’s groups across the nation.

For more information about Ginny Priz visit her online at: SerenityJourneyMinistries.com