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Author Monica Cane on The Barb Marshall Show

Author and Bible teacher Monica Cane recently joined host Barb Marshall to tape a new episode of the independently produced “The Barb Marshall Show.”

MonicaCaneThe episode will initially air locally in several California markets on July 19, 2015, then will expand into other markets on August 23, 2015 before becoming available nationally through Dish and DirecTV. Fans will also be able to access the show online at

During the episode, entitled “When Life Turns Abruptly,” Cane shares her testimony and discusses her new book, Scrambled Hormones: 60 Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters, which released from WordCrafts Press on Jan. 27. In the new book, Cane talks candidly about the challenges mothers face when their little girls enter the hormonally-charged teenage years, and offers brief, encouraging devotions from one mom who has been there, done that and survived by leaning on God for strength.

“God designed the hormones in your body to be chemical messengers, traveling through your bloodstream to your tissues and organs, instructing them when and how to grow, develop and mature,” Cane explains. “A tiny amount of these powerful messenger chemicals can have a big impact, not only on your body, but on moods and emotions as well. Too much or too little of a certain hormone can have serious repercussions on your psychological and emotional well-being.”

As any mother of a teenage daughter can attest, the turbulence resulting from the onset of puberty, with its accompanying hormone dump, can be frustrating and bewildering to both parent and child. With hormones flying, mothers and daughters may find themselves in heated battles that regularly end with daughters stomping off in anger and overwhelmed moms hiding in their rooms.

In her new book, Scrambled Hormones, author Monica Cane offers 60 days of encouragement for moms raising teenage daughters. Far from being just another devotional from a disinterested bystander, Cane writes from personal experience.

“When my teenage daughter’s hormones kicked into full gear, her behavior became erratic, confusing, scary and even dangerous at times,” Cane confesses. “Her behavioral shift came at the same time I was entering pre-menopause and having hormone shifts of my own. Between the two of us, it didn’t take long before we found ourselves in explosive battles fueled by our scrambled hormones.”

Cane says the hormonally-challenged years could have driven her crazy, but instead she allowed them to drive her into a more intense reliance on the power of God to get her through the tough times.

“During our nearly four year hormone crisis, I spent a great deal of time hiding in my closet and crying out to God for help,” she says. “The raging hormones between mother and daughter were pretty severe even on a good day, but with God’s continual guidance, comfort and help, I grew stronger as a woman, as a believer and as a mom.”

ScrambledHormones-front-cover-large-450x612Cane wrote Scrambled Hormones to encourage moms of teenage daughters who may feel like they are they only ones dealing with the strained relationships and constantly shifting mood swings that are common during this tumultuous season in their little girl’s life. Broken into sections including, Peace, Hope, Comfort, Reassurance, Confidence, Fearless, Healing, Truth, Letting Go and Contentment, Scrambled Hormones includes 60 brief devotions. Cane shares her personal experiences, then concludes with a life application section titled, The Problem, The Promise and The Plan for greater encouragement.

About the Author Scrambled Hormones: 60 Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters ($12.99 ISBN-13: 978-0692365182) released February 17, 2015 from WordCrafts Press in both trade paperback and all major eBook formats, with distribution through Ingram Content Group.

The mother of two daughters who both experienced the challenges of the scrambled hormone years, Monica Cane is a freelance writer from Northern California. She is the author of The Lost Coin, A Journey to Healing: Life after SIDS and A Breath of Inspiration: Devotional for Women. To learn more at