ALL CREATURES BIG AND SMALL is a fun family film

KEYART_ALLCREATURESFeaturing the voice talents of Martin Sheen and Amy Grant, All Creatures Big and Small is a fun, family-friendly animated film. Distributed by Entertainment One, it will debut exclusively on Google Play on July 1.

About the Story

In All Creatures Big and Small, a clumsy, nomadic new species of Nestrians, led by patriarch Dave and his son Finny, attend a gathering of animals to hear the news from the Lion (Sheen) that a great flood is coming. However, the Lion quells any fears with the comforting postscript: a kind man named Noah is building a big boat to save the animals.

However, when Dave goes to confirm their place on the Ark, he discovers that they are not on the list. Frantic to survive, he devises a disguise in order to sneak passed security and find a place on the boat. Once onboard, Finney tries to make friends with Leah, a young Grymp, who wants nothing to do with the young Nestrain. An accident leaves the two youngsters standing on the pier as the Ark floats off. The two youngsters embark on an incredible journey to reunite with their parents, while Dave does whatever he can to turn the Ark around to save his son.

While this is a delightful story, with some beautiful animation and very funny dialogue, it is not a retelling of the biblical story found in Genesis. There is no mention of the reason for the flood nor is there any mention of all the people on Earth drowning. In fact, there are no people seen in this film at all. Noah builds the Ark, but it is captained by the Lion.

What All Creatures Big and Small does provide is a lesson in the importance of family, of working together and of using your own gifts to find your place in the world.

Running 1 hour and 21 minutes, All Creatures Big and Small is rated G.