Adam Sanner Speaks Jul23


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Adam Sanner Speaks

Growing up in Colorado didn’t give Adam Sanner much opportunity to pursue his passion for acting, but it did give him ample opportunity to indulge his love for winter sports, like snow skiing.

AdamS1Sanner decided to make the move to Music City, and before long found himself working as both an actor and model, snagging roles in a number of high profile music videos with such popular recording artists as Luke Brian, Jason Aldean and Thomas Rhett.

Mike Parker – You were raised in Colorado, but moved to Nashville to pursue your career in acting? Why Nashville? Why not LA or New York?

Adam Sanner – LA is the ultimate goal, but it’s a big move. It’s a commitment. My mom moved here couple of years before I did. I had acted some in college. I didn’t really move here to pursue the craft, but since I was here anyway I decided to try it again. It’s a tough business. I signed with an agent, but since things were kind of slow for a while I worked with a lot of bands doing merch. I was lucky enough to get cast in some music videos and short films, and now things are slowly starting to take off.

Parker – You’ve been cast in a lead role in the upcoming indie film, The Trouble With Rain. Tell me about your character in that film. Type casting, or are you going against type?

Sanner – I’m gonna say, the first part of the film, the character is a lot like me. At first he’s a crazy, jokie kind of guy. A bit of a flirt. I can go with him there.But he has a character arc that is not quite so much like me. He ends up being kind of a douchee guy. It’s gonna be a stretch. It’s going to be fun to play someone who is really not like me at all.

Parker – I understand you’re pretty handy on the other side of the camera as well.

Sanner – I do my best. I’m a photographer. It’s my second passion. Work in photography is more available than working as an actor, so I get to be creative on the back side of the camera. It’s fun and I get to make people look great and feel good about themselves.

Parker – What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

Sanner – I love doing fashion. I love people. Headshots. A lot of people are doing acting or modeling for the first time and I like to help people feel more comfortable. Since I’ve also been on that side of the camera I can empathize. I do shoot landscapes on occasion, stuff that I think looks nice, mostly for my own satisfaction.

Parker – What’s next on your agenda?

Sanner – I don’t know. A big bucket list item for me was to be in a feature film and that’s coming up, so I can check that one off. I’m excited to see what happens after that.

The Trouble with Rain Teaser Trailer 1 from Wynnesome Entertainment on Vimeo.

The Seven Questions

1. What’s your favorite sound?

Sanner – A box fan. Can’t go to sleep without one.

2. What makes you happy?

Sanner – My relationship with God is number 1. Family and friends. And a little bit of success on the side. I’m not a money pursuer, but it sure does help.

3. What makes you angry?

Sanner – Failed relationship. But that’s not really anger; it’s more sadness. I don’t get angry much.

4. What is the secret of success?

Sanner – Doing what you love for a living.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be?

Sanner – Tim Burton. All the way. He is my idol, in the sense of his art.

6. What is the epitaph that is written on your tombstone?

Sanner – “He was loved. He made an impact on the people he met.”

7. When you get to heaven, what is the first thing you want to hear God say to you?

Sanner – (laughs) I imagine God shaking His head, laughing and saying, “Adam, Adam, Adam.”