A Conversation with Pat Boone Dec05


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A Conversation with Pat Boone

If you Google ‘Pat Boone’ get ready to be deluged with the response – more than 1.9 million results show up. Singer, actor, TV host, producer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, TV pitchman, radio personality, record company head, TV station owner, sports team owner, family man, humanitarian, a man unafraid to air his views: there are a lot of sides to this multi-faceted individual. After half a century in the entertainment industry, he’s still going strong.

Mike Parker: With all you have accomplished in the entertainment industry, are there still some goals or milestones you’d like to reach?

Pat Boone: Yes and no. I’ve don’t just about everything. I sold 40-50 million records and hold a bunch of records (including the longest consecutive streak of songs on Billboard charts with 220 consecutive weeks). I’ve had an outstanding career; youngest guy to have his own network television show, movies. It’s hard to feel like I still have unfulfilled goals. I’ve met with some folks at MCA about doing a podcast about the songs that I’ve recorded. They seem to think there is a lot of interest in those songs.

Parker: You were in Nashville speaking at the 2017 Religion News Association Conference. What topics did you speak to the attendees about?

Boone: The main thing is to promote a tour that I’m hosting to Israel. I’ve been a long-time supporter of Isreal, and I feel like I’ve been adopted into the family of Abraham. We’ll have 500 people, and we’ll do concerts in Caesarea, celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister, who is a friend. He calls me ‘Speedy.’ It’s going to be a capstone of my life. It’s the last go-round for me. It is a life changing experience.

Anyone interested can find more information at Patbooneisrealtour.com

Parker: One of my favorite films from my childhood was “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and I believe it was the first movie I ever saw you in.

Boone: You know, I didn’t want to do that film. My hero was Bing Crosby, and I wanted to do musical comedy. I didn’t want to do science fiction. But 20th Century Fox kept sweetening the pot until I couldn’t turn it down. In the end I got to sing, too. And Diane Baker was my first movie kiss.

Parker: You achieved incredible success in the industry at an early age. What advice do you have for young entertainers just starting out?

Boone: Don’t. The entertainment industry is so unpredicatable, so unfair. There are so many talented people who just never make it, while a lot of seemingly untalented entertainers do. One hit record can ruin a person, particularly if it comes early in your career, because if you’re not careful, you find yourself always chasing after another one.

Parker: Last words?

Boone: Make God your agent. Don’t think He doesn’t now about show business; after all, He was the first director to call for “Lights!” He knows what will make your happy. If you feel called into the entertainment industry, or any industry for that matter, ask Him to open doors, and only walk through if it is honorable. Don’t risk losing your real calling in life. Like any good agent, He expects 10 percent.