300 Best Bread Machine Recipes is a ‘must have’ for bread lovers Apr03


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300 Best Bread Machine Recipes is a ‘must have’ for bread lovers

bread machineI have been called ‘Sally Homemaker’ – a Martha Stewart wannabe, if you will. Sewing curtains, crafting home décor, baking chocolate chip cookies for my husband’s coworkers.

But, I have to say that unless I have an expensive kit from the grocery store, making bread from scratch is hard! And tedious. All that kneading and rising, why does bread have to be so needy? (haha!) Probably because it’s tied up in knots! (haha…that’s not as funny)

That’s where a bread machine comes in.  And that is where 300 Best Bread Machine Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt makes its debut.

Robert Rose Publishing has outdone themselves again with another delicious recipe book, but this time it is honoring the cheat-your-way-out of making bread. This bread lover has already perused the recipes, trying to decide which one to make first:  Cinnamon Apple Oat Loaf, on page 114, Chocolate Banana Loaf on page 371, or the donuts on page 377. That could be dangerous.

I settled on an all time favorite: soft pretzels. Just walk into any mall food court and instantly you can follow your nose to the pretzel joint. Pretzel’s R Us, We Are Pretzels, whatever! You can’t resist buying a warm, soft concoction of yummy goodness any more than I can! But shelling out $5 plus for these things is a nightmare!

Yup, Soft Pretzel was the recipe of choice to break in my new cookbook, and I have the flour spots on the page to prove it. Ingredients go in, timer is set, and I have to wait now for 90 minutes. 90 MINUTES!!

Of course, while waiting, I switched over the laundry, made some fresh orange juice, and vacuumed the floors in heels…yeah right. I’m not that Sally Homemaker. I spent most of the time deciding which recipe I would do next, took a short nap, and voila! The dough was ready. Rolled, baked, and ready to go. My mouth is salivating just thinking about eating a pretzel.

With fresh pretzels baking in the oven, the question is, which of the 300 recipes will I make next? One thing I do know, 300 Best Bread Machine Recipes will have a place of honor in my kitchen.